As David approached the door, Ferraro called out, “And don’t let that librarian become your type either. Remember you’re in control here.” “Yes, sir. Thank you. Good night.” David thought, ‘He may be insufferable, but he’s no fool. I will have to be careful.’

Around mid-morning on Wednesday, yet another jet plane was approaching Anacosta, formerly Washington, DC. It would shortly land at Obama National Airport after a three-hour journey from the DJR’s California-Pacific Coast. All the passengers had Social Credit scores of 150 or higher, which permitted them to travel by air under the Great Green Doctrine.

“He suddenly realized, almost achingly, that he really did want to make her happy, and that he had never felt this way with any other woman he had dated. All of them were complete and self-sufficient, armed with Social Credit, the product of a system designed to ensure their satisfaction at the expense of others. What more could he do for any of them? What did they want from his other than a good-looking companion, especially with his raffish Plore background?”

“So the forces of Diversity kept hammering away at people’s confidence in their government. They impeached the president at the time, although he was able to finish his term. They destroyed the economy by forcing everyone to stay home during coronavirus, including the people who could not afford to do so. Then when a black man was wrongly killed by the police, Antifan forces roused the righteous anger of the poor and the excluded, and they rioted throughout many cities. It was a brand-new concept of tactics in the service of revolution.”

The Antifan Girlfriend

Malia mourns the loss of her small daughter, kidnapped by the government. She spends her days alone safeguarding forbidden books in the False Knowledge Depository in Anacosta, formerly Washington DC. When an illegal reader uses the library, an Antifan Defense Forces squad crashes into Malia’s quiet sanctuary to drag him off, and Malia is afraid that she will go to prison. Even worse, she fears that the government will yank her remaining Social Credit and send her to Ploreville to live among the despised Deplorables who serve the City’s Social Credit elites. Instead, David, the squad’s handsome commander, falls for her. David vows to Malia that he will recover her child, and then they will escape over the border into the still-free United States. But the search for the child draws Malia into the orbit of sinister bureaucrats conducting truth serum experiments on low Social Crediteers such as herself. The Antifans turn Malia to spy on the bureaucrats, while striving to separate her from David.

Chapter 1

“But my main point, Ms. Jenness, is that if you want to protect yourself and your family, you might want to start becoming more cooperative. If you’re going to talk to US intelligence agencies, perhaps you need to tell us what you have learned about them as well. We know you attended the reception with General Ralston last night.” Ralston was the chief of the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The kitchen staff at the St. Louis Heritage Hotel eagerly provided information to Yusufov’s colleagues for a fee.”

Chapter 3

“Fern shook her head. “They’re probably not interested in us. I was nothing and Daniel was a Plore. You and David were blue mud.”

Malia almost smiled at the expression, which meant “hot stuff” in DJR circles. Her Social Credit score had been no higher than Fern’s when they had escaped, but David had plucked her out of her half-starved obscurity in the False Knowledge Depository and set her on a more glamorous, if dangerous path as an Antifan spy against the Economic Tower. As a senior Antifan commander, David had been the bluest and muddiest of all of them, despite his tainted Deplorable origins.”

Chapter 36

“Daniel had persistently stayed in touch with their congressman about Malia, and the local MAGA coterie had supplemented his efforts with letters and visits. As far as St. Louis was concerned, David Harris was still an inpatient at a psychiatric hospital in Stillwater. Fortunately, St. Louis was insufficiently curious about Harris to confirm his whereabouts, the hospital director was in on the secret, and the MAGAns were counting on the US government’s indifference to disguise the fact that David had returned to the DJR, violating various border agreements with the DJR.”

Chapter 55

“David decided to watch the rehearsal from the top balcony. It was perfectly plausible that the stage crew chief would want to observe his crew’s performance from a distance. His arms crossed, he stood far enough back in the balcony that Malia would not recognize him, not easily. Watching Ma, David recognized his old colleague. But no one would have guessed this man, now filled out in full maturity, would ever become number three at Beaufort.”

In The Deplorable Underground, we see what the transition meant to those non-woke people, the Deplorables, particularly the ones who live in rural areas far from the capital, Anacosta. Subject to roaming Antifan militias, occasional mass culls in muddy fields to check fingerprints and eye prints, and grinding poverty, the Deplorables are ready for a change. David lands among them, accidentally, and starts making the impossible possible, just as he made Malia’s rescue possible a few years earlier.

The Deplorable Underground also gives you an idea of what life is like in the United States on the other side of the border. While still free and mostly comfortable, it remains under threat from subversive elements guided from the DJR, and naïve about them, as we were (are?) about communism and now and now globalist elite-guided wokism. Yet as an almost entirely landlocked country, the United States can no longer be a world power, especially in the Pacific. And we see how the world is much poorer for the lack of a United States capable of showing the world how a free society lives.