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The Antifan Girlfriend

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The Antifan Girlfriend is a dystopian social satire and spy thriller. It’s now 2089, several decades after civil war has divided America into a Blue socialist dictatorship on the coasts, and the still-free Red flyover country.


Meet The Author

Paula Weiss is a 25-year U.S. Government employee with a PhD from the University of Minnesota, an MA from the University of Chicago, and a BA from Bryn Mawr College. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter. The Antifan Girlfriend is her first novel after a lifetime of writing nonfiction.

The woke “Diversity Justice Republic,” a vassal state of China, uses a social credit system that doles out preferential access to food, housing, vacations, and transportation. High credit elites live in luxury, while low credit types live in dormitories, and scramble for crumbs. “Plores,” or the Deplorables who fought against the Republic during the war, are segregated from Crediteers and are forced to do menial work to survive. Gun ownership and Christian preaching are now capital crimes.

Malia is illegally reading the dangerous old books she safeguards from the public as a librarian. She stumbles into a relationship with David, a powerful Antifan Defense Forces commander, whose own Deplorable background distances him from the woke culture. David vows to help Malia recover the daughter who was stolen from her by the government years earlier.

The search for Malia’s daughter brings Malia into the orbit of sinister bureaucrats conducting lethal truth serum experiments on low Social Crediters under direction from Beijing. The Antifans turn Malia to spy on the bureaucrats, even as they seek to separate her from David because of her low-credit status. Malia is both repelled by and drawn to Adam, the ringleader, who pursues her without knowing her Antifan ties. Meanwhile, Malia and David are planning their dangerous escape over the militarized border into the United States.

The Antifan Girlfriend will frighten you, keep you in suspense until the very end, and yet reassure you that human beings will always strive for love and freedom.


Hardcover, Paperback

2 reviews for The Antifan Girlfriend

  1. Lisa Schiffren

    The Antifan Girlfriend is Ayn Rand for our politically fraught moment – but with more sex, dark humor, and no lectures. This is a gripping novel about the future we need to prevent. It should become the next major conservative classic.

  2. Amy Tursky

    Wonderful. Could not put it down. A true thriller with a political twist. A frightening look at what our future could look like. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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