Jeemes Akers, retired CIA analyst, businessman, lawyer, and former professor, brings you his first novel, which he describes as a “Christian techno-thriller” set in the not very distant future. It’s currently available in paperback, but hardcover and ebook formats are coming.

Fifteen years in the future, in the suburbs of Washington D.C., a teenager’s seemingly harmless prank turns into a potential worldwide pandemic when he stumbles across a hastily buried body; a medical mystery tracing back to the Japanese military campaign for Singapore; the world’s most expensive artwork with a deadly secret; a secretive team of the world’s greatest virologists and a simple janitor; a group of end-time believers with a special mission; a mysterious and powerful Hong Kong Tong leader and his flamboyant daughter; and a technological mega-firm headed by the world’s richest—and most eccentric—trillionaire entrepreneur: all key ingredients in a quest to prevent a relentlessly escalating crisis.

Prawnocuos Rising—the first book in the Prawnocuos Trilogy—is an extraordinary Christian techno-thriller, full of unlikely heroines and villains, unusual and unforgettable characters, exotic Asian locations, jaded “Swamp” denizens, and opportunistic technocrats. It brims with powerful warnings for future believers and delivers a heart-pounding read that transports readers to the brink of the unthinkable.