What’s our basic tactic when the world is ruled by our enemies? Reprinted with permission from Mr. Jupp. Find more of his work on his Substack column, Jupplandia. https://jupplandia.substack.com/p/welcome-to-jupplandia

First, let’s be honest about how dire the situation is. We have gone past the point of comforting talk about a shift in the Overton Window or a pendulum that has swung a little too far. We have gone way beyond there being quite a bit of bias in the media and a generally leftist-progressive narrative dominating our society. Those things were the preliminary stages. Where are we now?

We are in a functioning, flourishing, pervasive tyranny. That’s what it is. That’s where we are. And no, it’s not really beginning to crumble. Not in the real sense of bumping up against things it cannot do and things we will not allow.

It’s a tyranny that is starting to pass legislation about seizing our kids from us if we don’t comply. It’s a tyranny connected at one end to the most powerful investment banks on the planet who can force other companies to comply with their ESG leftist-progressive guidelines, and at the other end with activist groups, terrorist groups, and various forms of criminal and ideological Red Guard gangs who can both burn cities down and be assured that a friendly DA or justice system, ideologically aligned to them, will immediately release them onto the streets again.

It’s a system in which the President of the United States can have a legitimate election victory overturned by conspiracy against him, a conspiracy prepared to murder unarmed protesters, and then be indicted or imprisoned for himself accurately describing the theft.

It’s a system that is increasingly and blatantly criminalizing both the truth and the existence of any genuine political opposition, whilst stealing trillions and enriching the most corrupt in the process. And it’s a system whose suffocating grip controls not just the United States by every other major western nation as well, all entangled in the anti-democratic coils of a politically active banking system, an ideologically captured business sector, and a power network of unaccountable transnational bodies like the WEF, IMF, or UN.

This system is moving to the open criminalization of majority opinion. Rasmussen polling in the US for instance shows two thirds of US citizens now believe that the 2020 election was stolen, but for saying that election was stolen President Trump faces charges which add up to sentences exceeding (the last time I checked) 600 years of imprisonment. Think it’s just the US where this madness is happening, or just in relation to Trump?

In Germany a four year investigation by the German intelligence services has concluded that the youth wing of the AfD, a new political party that emerged from mainstream German parties ignoring popular opinion on mass immigration and that achieved success by actually listening to ordinary German voters, has labelled that youth organisation as extremist. Effectively, they have been placed alongside terrorist organisations and described as a threat to German democracy. The security services monitor all of their communications-their emails, their telephone calls, their letters, their social media (where these haven’t already been banned).

CNN ran an article describing just how ‘extremist’ the AfD youth wing was. They cited that the organization had in a Facebook post described feminism as “a left-wing ideology.” That was the first and most damning thing CNN could find whilst it, along with the German security services, trawled through the entire social media output of a group with thousands of members. Have you ever described feminism as a left-wing ideology? Apparently, if you have, you are a threat to German democracy and probably a nascent terrorist.

The criminalization of views that millions of people, safe, rational, law abiding, non-violent people, hold. It’s consistent with the British security services. In their anti-terrorist Prevent strategy, they drew up documents which identified watching the 1980’s BBC comedy series Yes Minister (a favorite show of three time election winning Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher) as the marker of radical, potentially terrorist, far-right extremism.

All of the Western nations are tightening laws on thought and speech and protest, simultaneously. All of them have legislation like the UK’s Online Harms Act. The EU is working on its version. All of them talk about differing opinion (no matter how evidence based or rational) as disinformation, misinformation and lies even when the things labelled this way are proven truths. Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the world during the COVID pandemic that she was the only the source of truth, and that the government saw its duty as blocking any other source of information that differed.

All Western governments have worked with major social media companies and news organisations to block legitimate and legal opinions even and sometimes particularly when those opinions are factually accurate and held by the majority of ordinary citizens. These companies have served as adjuncts of the State, to whom the job of censoring the public has been outsourced.

Nearly all of course also possess versions of hate crime legislation which racially prioritizes certain groups, devalues others, and introduces a huge degree of subjectivity into verdicts allowing for prosecuting individuals or increasing existing punishments based on the mind reading of alleged thought crimes. All such legislation can and has been used to designate as hate an ordinary and non-harmful political position which is merely inconvenient to the ruling elite.

So-thought control, a corrupted legal system, a dishonest and reality-averse media, the unequal application of the law, the constant influence of non-accountable and anti-democratic forces, stolen elections and the imprisonment of truthful opposition. That’s where we are.

And where we are heading? Well, again, that’s clear. Just as illegal wire tapping and Russian collusion lies go unpunished and then lead to fake impeachments when go unpunished and then lead to fake indictments, the lack of response and punishment always presages further and more blatant tyranny. And the tyrants are very clear on what they want–a techno-feudal, social credit, total surveillance system in which there are no individual rights. All of them are building the ESG and Net Zero and CBDC foundations of that society whilst removing and silencing all significant political leadership that opposes it.

So we are ALREADY in a tyranny and it’s getting worse. We shouldn’t be fooled into too much optimism by uncoordinated populist revolts like bashing the profits of a beer company or a Hollywood studio or like songs of protest against the tyranny being popular. These are of course very positive signs in terms of the public ability to resist conditioning and brain-washing, especially after negative indications in the other directing during COVID. But the organised power, the power of the State, the power to lock people up or kill them without censure of that, still rests with our tyrants.

The question then becomes, how do we respond to that? How does an individual or a group respond to living in a tyranny whose rulers hate them and whose rulers control virtually everything? There are, as with threats faced by an animal in the wild confronted with a predator, only a very limited number of responses. There is fight, or flight. Perhaps there is another with institutions or individuals in human society that isn’t seen too much in nature, and that is conversion.

I have many friends who now subscribe to various forms of flight. We see people physically doing this in the figures for how places like New York or California are seeing people simply move away, we see it too in the way Americans flock to red States like Florida to escape the increasingly chaotic conditions in Blue States. It’s a version of the old phenomenon of ‘white flight’ from inner cities, but now as well as crime, disorder, violence, rioting and looting, people are fleeing from tyranny, or rather from anarcho-tyranny (where your life or your property won’t be protected by the State, but your thoughts and your words will be policed instead). Those who advocate secession simply formalize this and the ever greater, apparently insurmountable division within the US.

Elsewhere, and as a classic symptom of a society declining towards tyranny, people advocate various strategies of disengagement. We switch of our TVs because they only contain approved propaganda. We end friendships, or they are ended for us by the other party. We socially withdraw. We talk about growing alternative communities, power networks, and economies of our own, perhaps through a black market of some kind. We even just switch off when we hear some other person spouting programmed regime nonsense.

In many ways I’m sympathetic with the idea of growing our own communities and retreating and disconnecting as much as possible from the new tyranny. But ultimately I don’t think it’s a particularly long-term solution or viable option. A small number of people are wealthy enough or have few enough ties and responsibilities that they can cherry pick some location around the globe to start again. Sure, if you fly to Nepal and live there you might well avoid the worst of the new tyranny. But most won’t have the financial resources to make such a move a secure one. There are millions of us who don’t realistically have the option of fleeing abroad.

Others take a more survivalist or Amish approach. Set up a community of your own within the borders of your corrupt nation, a sanctuary, a retreat. The trouble with that is no matter how peaceful YOU are, no matter how much you simply wish to disconnect without threatening anyone else’s choices, there’s always the possibility of a knock on your door accompanied by 50 armed cops offended by your retreat.

For me, the greatest problem is that nearly all the money and power sits with those who are thoroughly corrupt and evil. The legal corruption, the rigged and stolen elections, the growing tyranny, all are enabled by a sea of money, money invested in the evil, money derived from the evil. Fighting it requires money too.

This is a very great impediment to an effective battle. We can’t look to existing alleged right-wing donors any more than the alleged mainstream parties and politicians they control. ‘Rightwing’ donors and billionaires like the Koch family or the Murdoch Empire are inherently part of the problem. What they want, at most, is usually what they call a ‘business friendly’ environment. They don’t care about culture, social issues, national success or ordinary people. They don’t care about Republican voters or Conservative voters in the UK. They just want to be allowed to make money. Otherwise, they are perfectly happy to accept your rights being reduced and a technocratic, medical or woke tyranny being imposed on you.

The other side have the billionaires on their side. The billionaires fund electoral interference or radical activist campaigns. They also create and build organisations like the Soros family Open Society Foundation. Lobbying, ‘philanthropy’, direct payments and direct ownerships (particularly of the media) combine with campaigns to divert State spending and resources into the pet progressive causes favored by the billionaires. The billionaires allegedly on the Right do little or nothing to oppose all this. They never seize control of State spending to hose that on conservative issues and policies. And they never fund any real action against progressivism and globalism.

So there’s a contradiction. We need a grassroots thinking, a working class, outsider mentality, if we are going to do anything that challenges corruption, anything real. But we need money too, because without it we can’t pay for the fight. But our donors are useless or corrupt, and our own resources are slight. Who is going to fund our fight, but leave us in charge? How do we get the money to win, whilst not compromising on our desire to eradicate corruption, the Deep State, and the malign forces that money brings?

To me the answer lies not in flight alone, not in an attempt to remove ourselves from the corrupt society, and not in fight alone either, not in terrorism or uprising. Even if deserved, such approaches are unlikely to do well in the Western world at this stage. People haven’t yet lost enough or had enough stolen from them to go that far. What’s left is conversion. Christianity, the early Christian church in the dying days of the Roman Empire, was trapped in a system where it had no power and all the power was held by it enemies. Emperors were determined to expunge the upstart religion that rejected imperial religious sacrifices. The early Church was tiny in terms of actual power. But it was organised. It was determined. It did gather followers. Most importantly, it set out to convert and recruit those who ALREADY had power. Eventually it did so with Constantine the Great, and then its triumph was assured. The whole Western world became Christian even as the Western Roman Empire, once all powerful, collapsed. The Church used the last of imperial power to secure its own future, and survived the imperial collapse.

The leftist-progressive triumph worked in a similar fashion in the march through the institutions and the conversion of the billionaires and the business community. If radical leftism hadn’t allied with business and existing wealth it would never have conquered so much.

Populism, the return of the power to the people, needs a convincing ideological case that converts billionaires, that recruits existing wealth, in the way that Christian missionaries converted pagan kings. It needs to offer them a psychological reward, at the least, for their support. It needs to work to find ideologically converted rich patrons, and fast. It needs to court its own crop of billionaires and get them to pay for a counter-revolution. Only that will unleash the resources needed to properly take society back. From Jupplandia